Sunday, March 22, 2015

More McCall Items Turn Up

At the recent Oregon APIC Meeting we heard from Lincoln County Commissioner Bill Hall about his upcoming novel called McCallandia. The novel is about Tom McCall becoming President of the United States.

Our members and guests brought in their McCall related items and some even had items for trade and sale. I was able to trade a duplicate McCall poster for some items I did not have yet. One of the items was the above bumper sticker from McCall's 1978 comeback campaign.

I traded this 1970 McCall bumper sticker for another 1970 McCall bumper sticker.

Here are some more McCall items.The two posters are from the 1970 campaign. They are part of a series of 4 posters released by the campaign of photos of Ray Atkeson. These beautiful prints were a marketing winner. Get inspired by Oregon and vote for Tom McCall.

The brochure with McCall on it was from the 1978 campaign, and the two small stickers are also from that campaign. The middle brochure is from the 1970 effort.

McCall items are always great to see. If you have a McCall item you would like to send us a photo of, please do! Tom McCall turns 102 today and this post is to celebrate Oregon's most famous governor. 

Here are some of our previous posts about Tom McCall related items: McCall Dress, and McCall Grandfather

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