Saturday, February 20, 2016

Official Hillary for America Buttons

Here are the buttons that the Hillary for America campaign has been selling on their website for the last several months.

Some of the first pins issued by the campaign were logo pins that utilized the H logo.

The RWB H flag pins are all sold in a set. The LGBT H is also a set of 2 and the standard logo pin is another set of two. The website pins were also sold in a set. The website sold all these sets for 5 dollars.

The second wave of pins came out this fall

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tom McCall Memorial Program

Really neat program that a friend was able to find for me while he was shopping for books.

Look at some of the names that were able to speak at this event.

Val Hoyle Items

Here are items from the campaign of Val Hoyle. She is running for the Democratic nomination for Secretary of State.

Included in the photo is a holiday mailer, remit envelope, bumper sticker and lapel sticker.

Just the first of many items you will probably find from Oregon candidates in 2016.

IKE Felt Elephant

Picked this up at local flea market this winter. It was amazing to find, as we often don't find Oregon political items in Oregon at local markets.

The tag says that it was made by Washington County Republican Women. Mine is missing. We do not have a firm date on this item. Either from 1952 or 1956.

Does anyone else have another variation of these?

Wayne Morse OEA Award

This item was picked up from an ebay seller in Indiana who believed it came from the estate of another former Senator. It was found in a box in 'as is' condition.

Gifted from the Oregon Education Association to Senator Morse for his leadership in education. I have looked for a reference to an event for the date, but have not yet found one.

Any pen experts out there know where I might find some supplies to put new pens on this?