Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tom McCall Dress from 1970

Dress Found on Ebay this week
Sometimes us Oregon political junkies have to wait and wait...and wait for an interesting Oregon item to find its way to ebay. If you are a regular searcher of Oregon related political figures then you have probably seen this item. It is a paper dress from his re-election campaign in 1970. Paper clothing items were cheap and very popular in the 1960s. It was seen as sort of a fashion novelty and lots of campaigns used them in an attempt to boost their vote getting abilities.

Just a quick search for images online and these turned up from 1968. Here is a Bobby Kennedy paper dress.
Also, here are some Nixon gals wearing the Nixon paper dress that was popular that year.
There were also McCarthy and Romney paper clothing items in the search. This would prove to be the hay day of paper clothing having anywhere near a mass appeal. By the mid 1970s campaigns had pretty much stopped issue paper dresses.While it isn't a McCall button, it certainly would like great framed with some other McCall items.

McCall would end up winning re-election in 1970 by beating Bob Straub for a second time. This dress, and the thousands that were made helped make that happen. We know of yet another McCall item out there to get!

This dress ended up fetching over about $56 dollars

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