Sunday, February 22, 2015

Recent Oregon Finds

Some great Oregon items have been popping up online over the last few weeks. We thought we would share some that our members have recently picked up.

The first is a great Nixon single day event from 1952 when he was running for Vice President with Ike Eisenhower.

A very desirable item for not only Nixon or Eisenhower collectors but us Oregon collectors as well. OR-APIC member John Silvertooth explains that event was part of a train tour during the Checkers incident and that there was a demonstration at the train station regarding Checkers. This event was just three days before Nixon would be forced to make his famous Checkers speech.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Photo is Morse of Course!

An old newsprint photo has been causing some discussion amongst collectors on the APIC facebook page. I was searching for photos used in newsprint of collectors and their collections when I stumbled upon this photo of Emanuel Ress from 1960. He is inspecting laminated prints for 1960 presidential hopefuls that he plans to sell to the public. As you can see there are pins for Nixon, Kennedy, Johnson, Humphrey and several for Senator Wayne Morse.

Morse of course, was the Oregon Democrat running for President in the 1960 primaries. While he was only officially on the ballot in three contests (Maryland, DC, and Oregon) he claimed to have organizers working for him in most states that held state conventions to select delegates. I am a huge Morse fan and wrote my last political science paper in college on his 1960 effort. I have so far been unable to find ay firm details on these various efforts outside of those three mentioned above, but, like so much political organizing today it may have gone largely unnoticed.

Ress inspecting the quality of his prints for buttons.