Tuesday, April 24, 2012

APIC Members of Every Walk of Life

This is probably one of best photos that could be used to promote our hobby. Former President Bill Clinton featured with a pin designed by the Clinton Political Items Collectors commemorating the opening of the Clinton Library. This is a great hobby that people of every walk of life enjoy. President Clinton has a huge campaign button collection and is said to be very fond of collecting his 1996 campaign items. APIC member Phil Ross provided us with this photo via his facebook page and it has made its way around the APIC facebook world. If you enjoy collecting campaign buttons, posters, stickers or whatever head over to www.apic.us to sign up!

If you are a current member, don't forget to renew your membership.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Collectors Archive: Spiro Items

This Collectors Archive comes from the files of the Bend Bulletin in Oregon. A UPI article with long time member Robert Fratkin. At the time, Fratkin was President of the APIC. This article originally appeared on Saturday, May 16, 1981.

Spiro 'king' of novelty collectors

BALTIMORE (UPI) - The name of former Vice President Spiro T. Agnew doesn't bring much cash among collector's of traditional political items, but when it comes novelties, Agnew is king. 
Robert Fratkin, head of the American Political Items Collectors, said Friday an en elephant shaped Jim Beam bottle with Agnew's name on it goes for $2,400, an Agnew "Dirty Time" watch brings $200, and a dancing clown with Agnew's face on it brings $100. 

"The Most interesting Agnew item, and one that has gone up considerably in value, is a dancing clown figure with Agnew's face, which is a chrome music box," he said. "Wind it up and the box plays 'It's Howdy Doody Time.' It's a very nice mechanical item." 

The first Agnew watches, similar to Mickey Mouse watches, were sold for $19.95 by a California company. The watches now sell for $100 in Baltimore and last month brought $200 at an auction in New York. The watches feature Agnew's face and hands and the slogan "Dirty Time Company." They are nearly as valuable as original Mickey Mouse watches, Fratkin said. 

The bourbon bottles are valuable because they are rare. Only 200 were made and were given away during 1970 Republican fundraisers.

A Maryland kickback scheme dating from the late 1960s forced Agnew from the vice presidency on Oct. 10, 1973.

Does anyone have any of the Agnew items today? Do they still command such high prices? He may still be someones hero if they can find a buyer.