Monday, July 6, 2015

Morse 1962 Postcards

When looking over my Wayne Morse items I am always perplexed at how few items from his 1962 re-election campaign I have been able to find outside of brochures. There are two postcards that look pretty much the same from the front, but on the reverse have two separate layouts.

The front of these two cards look very similar, they both feature Morse standing next to a globe holding his glasses. One is slightly wider and shorter than the other.

Here is the photo that appears on the card

Harold Stassen Owned Dewey Item

I have few items in my collection that come with as interesting of a story as this small Thomas Dewey for President foldout brochure.
It is an Oregon Dewey item issued during the 1948 campaign. I have no idea how rare this item is, but even if it was a common item, the place it came from gives it all the significance. APIC member Paul Bengston from Minnesota had a chance to go a sale of former Governor Harold Stassen's storage unit after Stassen passed away.