Sunday, February 22, 2015

Recent Oregon Finds

Some great Oregon items have been popping up online over the last few weeks. We thought we would share some that our members have recently picked up.

The first is a great Nixon single day event from 1952 when he was running for Vice President with Ike Eisenhower.

A very desirable item for not only Nixon or Eisenhower collectors but us Oregon collectors as well. OR-APIC member John Silvertooth explains that event was part of a train tour during the Checkers incident and that there was a demonstration at the train station regarding Checkers. This event was just three days before Nixon would be forced to make his famous Checkers speech.

Another great item found comes from 1936. A very simple yellow Landon-Knox pin was recently on ebay. The example shown is not in super great condition, but we Oregon collectors take what we can get.

Landon and Knox didn't win Oregon in 1936, in fact they didn't win any state west of the Mississippi river. These pins were made by Portland, Oregon company Irwin-Hodson. A long time western button manufacturer that is still in business today.
You can still find great stuff out there all the time. You just have to keep hunting.

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