Thursday, December 4, 2014

Clinton-Gore-Wellstone Pins

1996 gave collectors an array of coattail pins from President Clinton's re-election effort. As a Wellstone collector I have managed to find several over the years that I include in my collection. This one is perhaps my favorite of the Clinton-Wellstone coattail pins. At 3" inches it really stands out.

There are several others that can be found including,

This set given out at the 1996 Democratic National Convention to the Minnesota Delegation. This photo was from fellow APIC member Paul Bengston's collection. All pins are 2.25" inches.

Another '96 coattail is from the Minnesota State Convention and  is 3" inches. There is another version of this pin that is white and blue and does not have the 'state convention' mention on the face.
This pin is similar to several different Minnesota Clinton pins that use the map of the state with different wording around it.

The last pin, is a rectangular pin and is the only Clinton-Wellstone picture pin that I know of currently.
While it is a neat pin to have, I ultimately think the photo used is a bad one. Do you know of any other Clinton-Wellstone pins from 1996?

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