Monday, July 23, 2018


It has been a really slow year for finding new Wayne Morse items. I really haven't picked up much since January. That all changed the other day. I was getting ready to leave the house for a long day of activities and I randomly decided to login to ebay and look for some political items. That's where I stumbled upon this bumper sticker.

This was an amazing Morse find. This is the second bumper sticker I have picked up advocating Wayne Morse as a presidential candidate. Oregon collectors are still trying to figure out which election this sticker might be from at the moment. While 1960 seems like an obvious answer, he was also advanced as a presidential candidate in Oregon during the 1952 Oregon Primary.

Morse for President items contiune to surface from time to time as this sticker did. What will be the next Morse for President item to make its way into the hands of Morse fans or Oregon collectors? 

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