Thursday, April 19, 2018

2020 Convention Button

I was cleaning out a coat pocket and I found a button that my friend Valdez had picked up for me at a recent DNC meeting. It is from the Wisconsin delegation pushing to get the 2020 Democratic National Convention hosted in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Right now there are cities placing bids for host of the 2020 Democratic National Convention. Starting as early as 2017, cities and state parties that want to host the convention develop plans and bids to the DNC.  This 2.25" inch heat sealed cello pin is the kind of thing they will give out. They also had water bottles from what I was told. The article linked above also has pictures of host committee officials in very nice sweaters with the logo of the button below.

Other cities may have potentially placed a bid. Atlanta and Birmingham have also indicated they will place bids. The question remains...will they make buttons too?

No word yet on if any bids for the 2020 Republican National Convention have been placed yet. Las Vegas and Charlotte have both been speculated about. Still plenty of time to decide a 2020 summer vacation destination.

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