Friday, August 16, 2013

Guess The Connection

So here's a fun little game. Can you guess what the connection is between all these pins are?

Don't click READ MORE or Scroll down further until you've made your guess.

Here are the details about the pins from Top to Bottom

1) Leadership PATCH Experience -pin for union office for Don Patch. He was a member of the SEIU and the AFL-CIO

2) Megan Thomas For State Executive Committee -Megan Thomas is a long standing member of the Minnesota Democratic Farm Labor Party and has served in a variety of positions in the State and Local party.

3) Senator Hatfield For Oregon's Future - Mark Hatfield recently passed away in 2011 and had served in a variety of position in state government, including Secretary of State, Governor, and from 1967 to 1997 was a United States Senator from Oregon.

4) George Cleveland NH Senate -George Cleveland is the grandson of former U.S. President Grover Cleveland and ran for New Hampshire Senate District 3 in 2006.

What connects all these pins together? They are all from different parts of the country, for different offices in different organizations. One was a U.S. Senator, another the grandson of a President. One a woman and another a union member. Some Republicans and Some Democrats. Yet even with all those differences, there was something they all share.

All of these individuals are or were APIC members.

If you've let your membership lapse or expire please sign back up. If you've never been a member, I hope you will consider signing up at Not only will you get your own subscription to the Keynoter, you'll get 12 issues of the Political Bandwagon and access to the online membership directory.

While we do not charge anything to attend Oregon meetings and to receive our email updates we would really appreciate you considering signing up with the APIC. One of the projects of the coming year is to develop a membership kit that will be sent to new members once the Oregon Chapter hears about it.

Make Mark Evans, our membership director a happy man and sign up today at the APIC website (

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