Friday, May 3, 2013

Anderson Auction 167 Oregon Items

For those of you curious, here are the Oregon related items selling in the latest from Anderson Americana Auction 167. It closes on May 7th.

screenshot from Anderson Auction: Search Oregon

From L-R Starting on the Top Row:

1) Oregon First Voters Taft League. This was part of a national set of pins, one for each state. It comes up pretty frequently online.
2) Harding Stanfield Coolidge 1920 coattail. This one comes up often, it is perhaps the only Stanfield pin there is, so while common, it usually doesn't go for under 15.00 at auction. There are two different sizes and sometimes a color variation depending on the size.
3) Nan Wood Honeyman FDR Coattail. This also turns up often in Oregon. You should be able to find it for 10.00 or less.

Middle Row

1) Oregon Kerry. Looks like a Yellowtractor design. Yellowtractor made a lot of pins for Oregon between 2000-2012.
2) Hard to find McGovern-Morse-Porter 1972 coattail pin. These were made by a firm in Wisconsin for an Oregonian. Prices range anywhere from $40-$200 depending on the competition.
3) Julius Meier for Governor. Easily a $10.00 pin, There might be two slight color variations.

Bottom Row

1) 2012 Oregon Constitution Party jugate. If you read our previous posts about Virgil Goode, you will know that the Oregon Constitution Party disaffiliated with the national party and ran it's own candidates for President in 2012.  You can find plenty of these pins still all over the internet.

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